GM–site destruction / Blockades (UK)

GM–site destruction

-Plugin <em></em> Not Found. June 2003. Fifty people enter the enclosed compound at Jeolotts Hill Research Station owned by Syngenta and take direct action to remove an entire plot of experimental wheat.

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August 2002. When it was revealed that a GM crop, containing an antibiotic resistant marker gene, had been unlawfully released into the countryside, local people took direct action to remove the threat.

-Plugin <em></em> Not Found. Just a short look at the amazing and inspiring story of the pink castle erected in a GM field in Dorset in April 2002.


-Plugin <em></em> Not Found. Mad cows invade Canada House to highlight attempts to block the Biosafety Protocol.

-Plugin <em></em> Not Found. 2002. German chemical giant Bayer finds it's Newbury HQ blockaded, a warning by protesters that buying Aventis Cropscience will make them a major target for action for anti-GM campaigners.

-Plugin <em></em> Not Found. April 2003. Bayer Cropscience offices in Cambridge are blockade in the second such action against Bayer.

-Plugin <em></em> Not Found. The cow costumes get another airing as protesters target Sainsburys distribution centers to put pressure on them over GM animal feed. A co-ordinated Earth First! action , there were five simultaneous blockades around the countryon the same day.

-Plugin <em></em> Not Found. Asda gets an early xmas present. Protesters blockade an Asda distribution centre to send a clear message that the supermarkets must source non GM animal feed.