Globalization (and the metaphysics of control in a free market world)

summary: Bunny explains to Mimi how to establish and maintain control over others via this (kind of) new thing called globalization. Is globalization the new colonialism? Will Pinky ever get that crayon off her head?

The Pinky Show presents: Globalization ...and the metaphysics of control in a free market world. Narrated by Pinky. Mimi: I don't get it - I thought colonialism was all about conquering nations and occupying them with armies and stuff?

Bunny: Colonialism sounds so ugly - I prefer 'globalization'...

Military force is only the most obvious method of control. Maybe even more important is to dominate the areas that shape consciousness and define relationships: Media. Technology. Law. Education. We have to always appear to have progress, authority, and civilization itself on our side.

This kind of system is so complicated that no one knows who's controlling what. It has the look and feel of 'natural reality'!

The basic rules are pretty easy to remember: One, get the language right - 'free markets', 'aid', and 'development' all sound vaguely positive. Two, never question the fundamental premises of capitalism. Three, debase all alternatives.

Look - empire building has always been expensive, and subjugating poor people from half way across the world is always going to carry certain risks. But the rewards are totally worth it - new 'free markets' to flood with our surplus, dirt cheap labor and resources, unlimited 'infrastructure-building' contracts - it's all big profits!

See, you don't actually have to live in a crappy Third World country in order to work it. IMF, World Bank, WTO, puppet regimes - there's a whole bunch of tools that'll allow you to milk it from home. And my favorite part is if anyone accuses you of exploitation, you can always defend yourself by saying "hey, it's just sensible business"...

Mimi: I like how this globalization thing has a more cooperative feel to it. It just seems easier to control people when you have their consent.

Pinky: Is anybody watching these guys?